Two Dimensional IC Process Simulation
for both Silicon and Gallium Arsenide Structures

SUPREM-IV.GS is the first version of SUPREM-IV which models GaAs and its dopants in addition to modeling silicon fabrication technology. SUPREM-IV is an advanced 2D process simulator originally developed for submicron silicon structures. It provides cross-sections of arbitrary device structures based on physical models for ion implantation, diffusion, oxidation and annealing. It is designed to interface with other programs that accurately simulate etching and deposition of thin films on the semiconductor surface, although it includes basic models for these processes as well. The program structure is designed to handle moving boundaries that commonly occur during oxidation or during deposition or etching of thin films. SUPREM-IV can model stress gradients produced by overlaying films. The implantation, diffusion annealing and oxidation models are point defect based and are believed to be the most advanced models used in any process simulation program. While the oxidation capability will not be needed for simulating GaAs structures, all the other modules can be directly applied to compound materials.

The following briefly summarizes what has been added to SUPREM-IV to make this version 9305 of SUPREM-IV.GS. GaAs and eight GaAs dopants have been added to SUPREM-IV. The Pearson-IV implantation parameters have been included. The electron or hole dependent diffusion coefficients have been put in for these dopants. Other parameters for GaAs, such as segregation coefficients, intrinsic carrier concentrations, and defect energy levels, have also been added. In addition, compensation mechanisms for dopant activation and different diffusivities for implanted versus grown-in dopants have been added. (These two capabilities were not in the silicon-only versions of SUPREM-IV and were added especially for GaAs. However, they may be useful for silicon modeling as well.) SUPREM-IV.GS can now simulate implantation, film deposition and etching, and dopant diffusion for GaAs, as well as all the silicon capabilities.

The on-line manual of Suprem IV-GS is also available.

Dan Yergeau (hansen@gloworm.Stanford.EDU)
AEL 218
Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4055