ALAMODE (A LAyered MOdel Development Environment) is a partial differential equation solver targeted at solving systems of PDEs arising from models for impurity redistribution in semiconductors during thermal processing. It allows user-level specification of an arbitrary system of PDEs consisting of diffusive, advective, and reactive terms. It discretizes and solves the equations using a nonlinear semidiscrete FEM approach, and currently uses Stanford SUPREM structure files for mesh input and output.

The next release of Alamode will be driven by a portable equation description front-end. For an overview of the description language, see the white paper (html, PostScript, PDF). (Unfortunately, this project was cancelled due to lack of funding.)

==> The 97.08.19 release is available. If you are running an earlier release, please upgrade.

A set of example scripts is available.

For more information about ALAMODE,

Binary distributions are available for the following systems:

You are required to register with us in order to get access to a binary distribution.
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