Interconnect focus center (IFC) is funded by Marco, Focus Center Research Program (FCRP). There are four research themes in IFC:
  • Electrical Interconnects
  • Optical Interconnects
  • Thermal Management and Power Delivery
  • Circuit and System Design and Modeling
  • Dutton's TCAD group addresses modeling and simulation of innovative structures being developed for optical interconnects. Previous efforts under the IFC have considered modeling of electronic interconnect structures, including the development of tools for screening chips for inductance in long interconnects; this part of the work has now been transitioned into commercial EDA frameworks. Current efforts are centered on modeling advanced opto-electronic (OE) devices including the use of photonic band-gap (PBG) materials. The OE and PBG efforts are done jointly with Prof. Shanhui Fan (EE). Recent highlight accomplishments within this project include: design of efficient LED and VCLES, electronically tunable optical modulators and new ultra-compact mode-locked laser structures-all using PBG materials.

    Schematic View of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Structure with PBG Optics This structure is a 3D simulation model of a PBG-based LED structure that has been designed using a combination of advanced OE simulations (for the photonics) and electronic simulations of the photon generation. This LED shows major improvements in efficiency compared to using conventional optics; VCSEL structures are also being designed using the same toolset and methodology.

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