SPEEDIE 2.5 incorporates new physical models such as: (1) 2 sticking coefficients deposition (2) PECVD (3) Sputter etch (4) Thick side wall inhibition model

Through the 2D geometry and grid server Forest, SPEEDIE 3.0 will be able to cope with nonplanar interfaces in multisteps processes such as deposition and etchback. SPEEDIE 3.0 would also communicate to SUPREM through Forest. SPEEDIE 3.0 will extract relevent geometry information (top profile ), process it, and give it back to Forest which maintain all the geometry and grid information for other modules of SUPREM, to move the boundary. Therefore , we thus differentiate the responsibities of SPEEDIE to be phyical calculations and FOREST to be geometry operations. See also the CIS description of SPEEDIE.

Ze-Kai Hsiau(hsiau@opal.Stanford.EDU)
Center for Integrated Systems
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