PISCES 2H-B is an enhanced version of PISCES version 9009, which is used for two-dimensional semiconductor device simulation. It takes as input the device geometric structure, including electrode specification, and doping/composition profile, and outputs the device I-V and C-V characteristics in addition to the internal distribution of electrostatic potential and electron and hole concentrations. The 2H-B version has unique features in providing, among others: (1) various heterostructure and compound materials in non-planar regions; (2) large signal and intermodulation distortion analysis using harmonic balance (HB) technique; (3) mixed device and circuit simulation using SPICE input format to specifying the topology of surrounding linear circuit and analysis mode; (4) robust high frequency AC analysis capabilities.

All three analysis modes: DC, AC (small or large signal), and time transient, are supported. Frequency domain analysis (i.e. spectrum analyzer) is available through HB technique.

List of new features in this release:

  1. Device simulator embedded in a circuit environment (mixed-mode device/ circuit simulator) using SPICE format for specifying the netlist and analysis mode.
  2. Harmonic balance simulation of large signal and intermodulation distortion analysis
  3. Quantum mechanical correction models (Dort and Hansch) for MOS structures (capacitors and FETs)
  4. Mobility model for electrons in both inversion and accumulation layers
  5. Robust convergence behavior for heterostructure devices including non- planar device and material regions
  6. Efficient high frequency AC simulation
  7. Zero frequency AC analysis including non-local effects (e.g.QM correction)
  8. Capable of solving rate equations for bulk trapping analysis
  9. 1D simulation mode in addition to 2D
  10. Fast convergence rate by employing the Newton projection scheme

last update: June 3, 1997