Overview of ET3D

One of Eric Tse's major work is building 'et3D', an application which allows users to create 3D wafer structures, using CADENCE mask information from Stanford DIS server and process flow information. The underlying wafer data structure is SWR3D (Semiconductor Wafer Representation 3D). Currently et3D provides several simple and rough process simulations "modules", include deposition, etching, diffusion.

et3D is the frist application to use SWR3D, a data structure intended to push a common structure repesentation across and along the IC process simulation environment. Our group has proven that SWR3D could/will play a major role in process simulations by create a 3D SRAM cell using et3D and use SWR3D as a common data structure.

Currently, Eric is also working on interfacing Tk/Tcl with SWR3D to serve as communicator with other implementations of SWR3D through a common SWR3D specific Tk/Tcl script commands.

Eric Tse
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4055